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This summer we’ve been working hard, yep! :)  One more project was finished last week – it’s ALPALAND’s european website in english. We’ve been working with ALPALAND for a long time and earlier already made them a great wholesale E-shop in russian (it was absolutely individual and rather expensive project: we’ve been worked on it during 1 year and it was a great experience!). Last project was simple, without any individual developments, and it tooks less than 1 month. So, we wish a great sales to new project!  Continue reading

We successfully finished our work on the russian-american web-project URSA Travel. We created a web-design and work for a long time on the content: tours descriptions, slideshows and other things. Now everybody, at last, absolutely enjoyed of the result and we hope that our collective job on this project is pleasured for everyone! Good luck and hope for further collaboration! Continue reading